President's Message

board_efferem_williamsWelcome to the Knots4Kids website.

Since 2007, Knots4Kids has stood with young men and their families to assist in their journey from boyhood to manhood.  Today, the spoken and unspoken needs of many of our young men demands our intentional care, concern and intervention; thereby securing the future of our communities and nation.  As a resource partner, Knots4Kids strives to ‘be’ the difference by mentoring and delivering our “Tailored” program which is a character and skill development initiative designed to promote awareness and the importance of healthy lifestyles, academic excellence, social responsibility and diplomacy.  Many of our young men live in single-parent homes typically within disadvantaged communities and quite a few do not have responsible male leadership or role models to guide or influence individual decision-making.

As you continue to explore our site, I encourage you to join us today in our work to engage, educate and empower young men in the Jacksonville and throughout the greater northeast Florida communities.

Best Regards,
Efferem O. Williams
Knots4Kids, Inc.