Tailored Programs

Attitude is Everything

Participants learn how to identify and practice effective interpersonal behaviors that lead to better decision-making and personal outcomes.

Attitude & Respect

Is respect really earned?  If so, how?  Participants are given a broader understanding of how attitude can affect decision-making and set the course for short and long-term personal success.

Health Awareness

K4K Littel Boy See It!  Treat It!  Beat It!  Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  While his saying was actually fire-fighting advice, a proactive approach to health and wellness makes sense and can save dollars!  Participants learn the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle by exploring making healthier choices in food, nutrition and exercise.

Financial Literacy

The “Tailor” Your Spending module creates an opportunity for participants to discover the benefits and consequences associated with managing personal finances.  Participants create a simple budget and identify the difference between their ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.


“One day, I want to have my own business!”  One day starts today!  Participants identify the necessary personal and professional qualities and resources that are required to start a small business.  What are the challenges?  How about the responsibility?  Did someone say personal discipline?  Participants hear creative ideas and are encouraged to start with small revenue generating projects to test their determination!

Dressing Modules I, II, III

Dressing for success is everything. First impression means everything. Participants learn how to tie a bow tie and neck tie. Participants also learn other aspects of  a well dressed gentlemen.

Crime Prevention

Crime is steadily on the rise and so is the population of inmates in the prison system. Participants are shown data and statistics of graduation rates vs crime rates. Participants are given tactics and resources to avoid crime.

Social Etiquette Skills & Manners - Personal Development

Purpose: These course teaches social networking, courtesy and communication skills. Participants will also learn life-long values such as integrity, respect for others, confidence, and so much more!